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Title: Adult/Dating/Webcam Industry News
Post by: Xbiz on June 25, 2014, 02:41:05 pm
Friday China Porn Site Closure Round-up

If it's Friday, it must be time to list the number of porn site closures by the Chinese government! This week in Fun with Dicktatorial Censorship, we have the announcement by the country's State Internet Information Office that yet another 1,222 porn sites have been shuttered by the government. At least we think it's a different 1,222 from previous closures, but who really knows for sure. The mystery is a part of the fun.

What we do know (because we were told) is that the government itself reports of these recent closures, via Global Post, "The websites including some on medical treatment and health, were closed for providing videos or photographs of a pornographic nature, or linked to porn websites abroad."

The government also claims that about "2,200 pieces of text containing pornographic information have been deleted in the 'Cleaning the Web 2014' campaign," and though we're not quite sure what that means, the Internet Information Office says the campaign has been effective and that "more efforts will be taken to curb the spread of pornography on the Internet."

This recent campaign to scrub the web of porn and porn information text reportedly ends in November.

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Post by: Xbiz on June 30, 2014, 03:13:51 pm
Is Bing Really the King of Search Engine Porn?

Ever since it launched in 2009, Bing has been a very porn-friendly search engine, even though it was (and remains) dwarfed by Google in terms of the number of people using it and the number of adult sites that looked (and look) to it for traffic.

Via an OutOfTheLoop reddit from a few months ago that spawned a Daily Dot article from a few days ago, which further gave birth to a story on, a web conversation about the best search engine for porn has been revived, with an expected consensus in favor of the world's third most popular search engine, behind both Google and Yahoo. That fact alone was noted by Bustle writer Emma Cueto, who wrote, "Overall, between the search results, the video preview feature, and the fact that it seems to be way easier to turn off safe searching, Bing does seem to be better at bringing you porn. But really that’s not so surprising—it’s actually the sort of thing I’d expect from a search engine whose commercials strongly suggest Google-related daddy issues. No, the surprising thing is that Bing actually did beat Google at something. Who would have ever guessed it? I mean, I know that Bing is the world’s third most popular search engine and all, but since that still means they’re losing to Yahoo, that isn’t saying much.

"But when it comes to porn," she added, "they seem to be number one."

Over at the Daily Dot, writer EJ Dickson notes the inescapable irony that "In the era of Pornhub and Redtube, griping about having trouble finding free online porn is a bit like complaining about how difficult it is to find shrooms at a jam band concert."

One very popular destination that became a "veritable shrine to the Bing porn search" was reddit, where users posted  "informal paeans to the search engine’s virtues in r/AdviceAnimals and r/GIFS. Here’s a redditor imagining what life is like in the Bing offices (NSFW)."

Why does everyone say that Bing is great for porn?

“Google introduced filters a while ago that remove a lot of porn from search results, even if you have safe search turned off.”

“Going on Bing and video searching gets you the porn you want. No one cares about text or image searching, it’s all about the video searching.”

“Also since no one uses Bing, they will never see your previous/recommended searches.”

“I just assumed that if someone else checks my search history, they sure as hell aren’t going to check my Bing search history. They’ll check my Google one.”

Dickson comments, "Basically, the consensus seems to be that unlike Google, which requires you to type insanely specific keywords to get the kind of results you’re looking for, Bing’s video search immediately calls up a well-organized series of short links and related search terms along with your search results."

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Post by: Xbiz on July 01, 2014, 04:30:57 pm
Is Apple Allowing Adult Content Into App Store via Russian Apps?

Talking New Media has posted a new article that details the extent to which "Apple has been approving magazine apps from Russian developers that clearly violate developer guidelines."

Apple, according to writer D.B. Hebbard, is knowingly allowing the Russian app developers to engage in deceptive practices via the apps, by allowing them to "promote the name of one magazine [while giving the reader] access to magazines under other names" after the app has been installed.

What Hebbard says is a trend on Apple's part began in 2012, when he began writing about the Russian apps. "The apps in question," he writes now, "were from Sergey Rudnev for magazines with odd names like Magazine Father and Magazine Gun and Magazine Pick Up.

During this time, Hebbard says he contacted Apple more than once about content that "appeared to be far more 'adult' than what Steve Jobs had allowed when he was alive," but never got a response.

Then, in September 2013, "TNM wrote for the first time about the apps from ANASTASIYA RUDNEVA. These were something else altogether.

"In a series of four apps, all released at once, the developer was offering what appeared to be different digital magazines, but were in fact the same app when opened," Hebbard continues. "Each opened to a page where the reader could access the Oh! Yeah! magazines, plus video content." [Emphasis added]

"Why was the App Store team approving these apps, and why, after being told what was going on was Apple keeping them in the store," wonders Hebbard. "A month later I wrote about the apps again, comparing what was seen in iTunes with what the reader actually gets once the app is downloaded."

But the story of the Russian apps in the App Store was not over. "Now comes the new apps from a fourth Russian (presumably) developer, and these apps seem to believe they have nothing to hide anymore, brazenly advertising their wares: 'Sexy girls photos and video. Watch and enjoy…' the app description says."

The revenue model for the new apps has evolved as well, according to Hebbard. "The way these newer apps work," he writes, "the reader buys 'Coins' from within the app. The reader buys a few hundred of these 'coins' and then can buy the video and magazine content within the app. Rather than a magazine costing $2.99, for instance, it costs 100 coins, videos cost 20 coins. The reader gets credit by buying 5,000 at a time for $39.99, or a smaller amount for $9.99. Apple, of course, facilitates the transaction and gets its 30 percent."

Time will tell if Apple's apparent sneakiness in trying to make a few bucks on adult fare Steve Jobs would surely have forbidden on his network will come back to bite it in the ass. But one group of people who will not look kindly upon Apple's "sexual development" are adult producers who currently play a cat-and-mouse game that involves a far less direct method of laundering traffic through innocuous apps, hoping to ultimately drive the eyeballs to hardcore destinations. The revelation that Russians have been provided a deceptive fast-track to Apple-blessed income from adult content is bound to irritate them.

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Title: Re: Adult/Dating/Webcam Industry News
Post by: Xbiz on July 02, 2014, 05:57:28 pm
Google Reportedly Targeting Porn-Destined Shortlinks for Deletion

Last week, ZDNet columnist Violet Blue tweeted her concern that Google was disabling shortlinks for Naked Sword without warning, and asked if it was happening to anyone else. Bacchus at responded with an article that expressed dissatisfaction with URL shorteners in general, but which especially took Google to task for its longtime practice of "letting an automated algorithm declare certain link targets to be 'spam' and then disabling the shortened links to them," and more to point, for expressing its opinion that all porn is spam through its shortlink algorithms.

Yesterday, the Google shortlink story got another boost when Bacchus published an update on the situation in a post titled, The Google Shortlinks #Pornocalypse In Action, where he wrote, "Remember last week when I blogged about rumors that Google was disabling certain shortlinks built using the link shortener, if the link targets were porn sites? Well, thanks to a pair of tweets from Rain DeGrey attempting to share a photo from, right now you can see that that little chunk of the #pornocalypse in live action."

Two tweets about 15 minutes apart from yesterday afternoon include one containing a shortlink supposedly to the Hardtied photo. The second tweet states, "Evidently Google could not deal with the awesomeness that is @DarlingBDSM and disabled the link to her shoot :( Fine." She also adds the full link to the site.

The HardTied shortlink was indeed disabled, and if clicked lead to a page with a message reading, " – this shortlink has been disabled. It was found to be violating our Terms of Service. Click here and here for more information about our terms and policies respectively."

He adds in conclusion, "The modern state of Google’s anti-spam software: there’s a rule in there that assumes that porn and spam are the same thing. Don’t be evil? My ass."

What is disturbing about this situation is that whereas in the past, Google has defended its disabling of shortlinks when they were used inappropriately—say, in emails sent en mass to many hundreds of people—arguing that their terms and conditions are quite clear about their prohibited use as spam.

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Post by: Xbiz on July 03, 2014, 05:42:36 pm
U.K. Porn Filters Censor 20% of Websites

The parental filters of U.K. ISPs are blocking 20 percent of the 100,000 most-visited websites on broadband and mobile phone, according to the Open Rights Group.

Even apparently is being blocked by six U.K. ISPs, as seen by a new tool released by the group. So is SFW sister site

The Open Rights Group embedded tool runs checks on all the major broadband and mobile filters of U.K. ISPs — 3, Andrews & Arnold, BT, Everything Everywhere, O2, Plusnet, Sky Broadband, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Vodafone — and allows users to query which sites are blocked.

U.K. ISPs have automatically been imposing filters on new customers since the beginning of the year unless specifically asked not to do so. Existing customers are next in the new policy under Prime Minister David Cameron.

Open Rights Group officials said that the ISPs, in many cases, are blocking sites that are not harmful to children.

"Sometimes, they are blocked by mistake," the group said. Sometimes, they are blocked deliberately. For example, many blogs and forums are blocked by default."

The group, which released its findings today, said that the problem of over-blocking is not going away

"Different ISPs are blocking different sites and the result is that many people, from businesses to bloggers, are being affected because people can’t access their websites," the group said. "We've found that there is a lack of information about how to get sites unblocked."

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Title: Re: Adult/Dating/Webcam Industry News
Post by: Xbiz on July 04, 2014, 04:28:56 pm
US Airways Tweets Very Graphic Porn Image

Turns out companies really are people. News just broke that US Airways has done what so many humans do and sent out a tweet with porn attached to it. And similar to the way people tend to explain their own publicized porn tweets, the airline has a handy excuse.

According to the Baltimore Sun, "US Airways said the image was originally sent to the airline's account and US Airways tried to flag is as inappropriate.

The photo in question is a real doozy, and that's coming from AVN, a family friendly porn magazine. It's so graphic even we can't publish it, showing as it does a young lady on her back, legs over her head, with the nose of a 777 sticking into her vagina. Not a real 777, mind you, but a very nicely sized model of one, though too large by far to fit inside the entire shaft... er, fuselage. BuzzFeed has the graphic goods for those interested in exceptional in-flight entertainment.

It's sure to become a classic. "Although US Airways removed the tweet," reported the Sun, "the image has been posted throughout the Internet as a screen grab.

"The tweet that included the image," it added, "was directed at a Twitter user with the handle @ellerafter in response to her complaint about a delayed flight from Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina to Portland International Airport in Oregon."

Sticking with its story, an airline spokesperson issued a statement today that said, "Unfortunately the image was inadvertently included in a response to a customer. We immediately realized the error and removed our tweet. We deeply regret the mistake and we are currently reviewing our processes to prevent such errors in the future.”

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Post by: Xbiz on July 07, 2014, 06:20:51 pm
Global Traffic Said to Grow 3 Times in 4 Years

Global Internet traffic will grow nearly three times in the next four years due to an increase in Internet-enabled devices and better video streaming, according to a new report.

The CiscoVisual Networking IndexGlobal Forecast and Service Adoption for 2013 to 2018 said that the majority of IP traffic by 2018 will originate from mobile and portable devices other than personal computers.

Wi-Fi traffic will exceed wired traffic and high-definition video will generate more traffic than standard-definition video, the report said.

Global broadband speeds will reach 42 Mbps by 2018, up from 16 Mbps at the end of 2013.

The report said that in 2013, 33 percent of IP traffic originated with non-PC devices. But, by 2018, the non-PC share of IP traffic will grow to 57 percent. Wi-Fi and mobile-connected devices will generate 76 percent of traffic by 2018.

Wi-Fi will be 61 percent, and cellular will be 15 percent, the report said. Fixed traffic will be only 24 percent of total Internet traffic by 2018.

Gian Carlo Scalisi of adult mobile traffic specialist told XBIZ that for the majority of entertainment content the future is in mobile.

"The adult industry is no different," he told XBIZ. "The mobile is the most personal and interactive one, and the user 'addiction' to it will increase along with the technology development.

"The adult entrepreneurs need to follow the trends, predict and embrace the new technologies, in order to stay on top and evolve together with the market.

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Title: Re: Adult/Dating/Webcam Industry News
Post by: Xbiz on July 08, 2014, 05:46:49 pm
New Canadian Antispam Law Hits Violating Companies With $10M Fines

A new antispam law went into effect on Tuesday in Canada requiring email senders to verify that they have the recipient’s consent.

Regulators note that the rules apply to senders in the U.S. or anywhere else in the world who want to communicate with Canadians through email for any service or product — not just sexually explicit material.

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission said that consent can come in two ways — implied or express. When it is implied, a company can assume consent if they have an existing documented relationship with the recipient.

With the new opt-in law, which will be phased in over three years, sending just one commercial email without permission could result in fines of up to $1 million (Canadian) for individuals and up to $10 million (Canadian) for companies.

After three years of implementation, the law will make it be possible for individuals and class-action groups to sue companies, organizations and directors for sending spam.

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Post by: Xbiz on July 09, 2014, 07:04:24 pm
Russian SMS Trojan Pushing Porn App Hits United States

For the first time, researchers have detected an active SMS trojan in the United States. The malware program, Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakeInst.ef, "dates back to February 2013 and was originally designed to operate in Russia," reports PCWorld.

"According to Kaspersky," adds InfoSecurity, "FakeInst disguises itself as an application for watching porn videos, and is capable of sending messages to premium-rate numbers. Once installed on the phone, the trojan can intercept incoming messages and then perform various actions, including steal messages, delete them or even respond to them.

"As well as sending unauthorized text messages that cost around $2 each," it continues, "the trojan can send an SMS from an infected device with a preset text to a number specified in a command and intercept incoming messages."

Kapersky Lab Expert Roman Unucheck, in a blog post today, also noted that "14 various versions of [FakeInst] have emerged," and includes in a post the names of all the countries that appear on the versions' "support list."

More problematically, Unucheck writes of the sophisticated malware:

* "FakeInst disguises itself as an application for watching porn videos. The application asks the user to agree to send a text message to purchase paid content. However, after sending the message the Trojan opens a free-access website."

* "In order to send the message, the Trojan decrypts a configuration file which contains all phone numbers and prefixes."

* "From this list, FakeInst selects the appropriate numbers and prefixes for the user’s mobile country code. For instance, for an MCC within the range 311-316 (which corresponds to the USA), the Trojan would send three messages to the number 97605, each costing about $2."

* "The Trojan also contacts its C&C server for further instructions. Of all the commands that it can receive and process, we’d like to highlight the ability to send a message with specific content to a number listed in the C&C command, and intercept incoming messages. The Trojan can do various things with incoming messages – steal all of them, delete them, or even respond to them."

He adds, "We believe that FakeInst was created by Russian-speaking cybercriminals. Firstly, its early versions were only designed to operate in Russia. Secondly, all its C&C servers are registered with and hosted at Russian providers.

“It appears that the cybercriminals have built up sufficient resources to expand their illegal business on a global scale,” Unuchek concluded.

Image: The geographical distribution of Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakeInst.ef infections, courtesy of

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Post by: Xbiz on July 10, 2014, 04:44:21 pm
Report: Bad Bots on the Rise

Following a year-long study into the state of bot traffic, website security firm Incapsula found that "bot traffic went from consisting of 51 percent to 61.5 percent of all Internet traffic, a 10.5-percent increase," has reported. More worrisome, however, is the fact that data from the study indicates that thirty-one percent of the bots are malicious.

"For this story, a bot is a malicious mobile, social, porn, or spam robot that lives on the Internet and unsuspecting users’ devices," adds David Geer for CSO. "People errantly install mobile bots on smartphones as hidden elements of software bundles or free apps from third-party app stores. Since phone vendors do not authorize these downloads, users typically jailbreak or root their devices in order to enable a wider selection of free apps.

Geer explains the different types of bots in his article, Bad bots on the rise: A look at mobile, social, porn, and spam bots, but we are of course mostly interested in the porn bots, about which he writes, "Porn bots include chat room spammers and bots that pop up on adult websites. Chat room spammers crawl the Internet looking for chat forums that use technologies such as Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and web-based chat. Porn bots invade these sites, messaging offers of free adult images via links.

"Porn chat bots," he adds, "live on free adult websites where they pop up chat windows with pictures of attractive people saying, I see you are from [your town here]. I live in your area. Would you like to chat?' The chat bot determines the user’s location based on their IP address."

The whole point, explains security strategist Richard Henderson to Geer, is to lower an individual's defenses. "There’s some rudimentary intelligence in those bots, designed to build familiarity with the user to entice them to click to another porn site, which will require them to pay for premium content," he said.

It could be argued that the other types of malicious bots actually represent more danger to the unaware surfer that the porn bots do, but because the use bots are put to is ever-evolving and can always become more dangerous, all bots, writes Geer, "increase the impact of malware, and social engineering through the sheer number of people they can reach almost instantaneously.

For that and other reasons, another security expert approached by Geer, James Brown from JumpCloud, suggested that firms not be complacent about trying to deal with bots. "Enterprises should monitor network traffic for all uncharacteristic, unexpected, and suspicious network behavior," he told Geer. "In particular, traffic leaving servers for anomalous locations such as countries where the enterprise does not do business."

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Post by: Xbiz on July 11, 2014, 07:00:06 pm
ExoClick 'Big Data' Infographic Looks at World Cup Porn Traffic

 ExoClick has used its ability to analyze “big data” by releasing a lighthearted infographic that looks at the “World Cup 2014 vs. Porn.”

The analysis was culled from data that the company has been collecting before and during the tournament's group play rounds and quarter finals held between June 13 and July 5.

ExoClick said it examined adult traffic data from all of the countries playing in the football [soccer] championship and was able to pull out some fascinating and fun facts about the adult viewing habits of those countries during the build up to the World Cup final.

The categories include: “Porn views per capita” that examined each country’s adult traffic prior to the tournament; “Top five football addicts” — countries where porn traffic decreased during the games; “Half-time happiness," that gauged if porn traffic rose during breaks; “The top sites" watched during the World Cup;  and “USA becomes addicted to soccer" — showing porn consumption dropping as the games went on.

“We wanted to have some fun with our big data assets and so we selected a global event like the World Cup to demonstrate how useful big data can be,” said Benjamin Fonzé, CEO and founder.

He added, “The ExoClick network has access to a global network of traffic, which enabled us to have a pretty accurate figure of the habits of each countries porn viewing activities.”

The “World Cup 2014 vs. Porn” infographic can be seen here (

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Post by: Xbiz on July 14, 2014, 06:53:05 pm
Texas Man Charged After Sending Dick Pic With Job Application

A Texas job-seeker made the unconventional decision Friday to include a photo of his penis with an application submitted to the Texas Workforce Solutions in Dallas. According to the Dallas Observer's Eric Nicolson, however, "TWS is not the proper launching point for your porn career; its bureaucrats aren't paid nearly enough to stare at your junk. And if the caseworker is anything like the 25-year-old worker at TWS' Alpha Road office who found a client's dick pic waiting in her email this morning alongside his job application, she will promptly call police, who will know from the personal email address who sent it and thus gets a ticket for 'obscene display or distribution.' That's a class C misdemeanor."

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Post by: Xbiz on July 15, 2014, 05:52:05 pm
Apple: Leaked 'Sex Tape' Scenario Not Possible on iCloud

While Hollywood’s comical take on the whole leaked porn tape scenario, titled “Sex Tape,” may rely on a surprising villain — a haywire iPad used by Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel to film a home blue movie — Apple says its product would never do such a thing in real life.

In the film, Diaz and Segel play unassuming couple Annie and Jay,  who decide to “spice things up” in their languishing marriage by shooting a homemade porno. But things turn from well and spicey to horribly awry when the iPad they use to record their sexcapade uploads the video to iCloud, and accidentally sends the video to all of their friends and family who they gave iPads to for Christmas — which even includes the mailman.

The concerned editorial staff at GQ contacted Apple headquarters to see if such a technological aberration could actually happen — and apparently it can’t.

“Videos can be backed up to iCloud, but what that means is the video would be saved as, like, a backup,” an AppleCare specialist told GC. “But you wouldn’t be able to share it with anyone. No one can go into the iCloud and watch the video.”

The Apple rep also pointed out that a video can’t accidentally be uploaded to the iCloud like it is in the zany romcom, explaining, “You would have to make special settings for anyone to be able to see that — like a shared stream.”

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Post by: Xbiz on July 17, 2014, 06:30:50 pm
Japanese Woman Arrested for Selling 3D Printable Files of Her Vagina

A 42-year-old woman, Megumi Igarashi (AKA Rokudenashi-ko), was arrested today by Tokyo Metropolitan Police for allegedly selling and distributing 3D printable design files of her own vagina.

Ironically, a vagina activist of sorts, Igarashi said she was selling her 3D design files to raise money to make a life-size boat that looks like a vagina to sail around the world. Ultimately, she hoped her art would decrease the Japanese taboo and prejudice surrounding female genitalia, which baffles her.

“I cannot understand why the police recognize the 3D data as obscene material,” Igarashi told the Tokyo police.

“As an artist, I focus on my own vagina as the motif for my art,” Igarashi worte on her website (translated into English from the original Japanese). “My work is against discriminative/ignorant treatment of the vagina. I thought it was just funny to decorate my vagina and make it into a diorama, but I was very surprised to see how upset people got when they see my works or even hear me say the word Manko.”

The Japanese public remains divided on the issue of vaginal mainstreaming, with some condemning Igarashi and others demanding her release, including a group that has launched an online petition to have her released from custody. 

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Post by: Xbiz on July 21, 2014, 06:29:03 pm
UK Begins World's First Experiment in Public Wi-Fi Censorship


The United Kingdom has begun what The Mirror is calling "the world’s first scheme to stop hardcore porn being accessed in public wi-fi area.More specifically, the article adds, "In November, The Mirror tested 129 free Wi-Fi hotspots around the country and found 32 of them did not block access to, a website where thousands of hardcore pornographic videos can be viewed for free."

As AVN reported at the time, The Mirror survey found that "Places where children could access the site through free Wi-Fi included Waterstones bookshops in Birmingham and Southampton, The Cardiff Story museum, the play area at the At-Bristol Science Centre, the Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, Coffee Republic and Esquires Coffee House in Doncaster and the Odeon cinema at the Liverpool One shopping centre."

As a result, beginning today, "Parents who see a 'Friendly Wi-Fi' sign in cafes, restaurants, hotels and museums will know their children cannot access explicit content," reported The Mirror, which proudly listed Tesco, Starbucks and Samsung as having signed up for the "scheme."

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Post by: Xbiz on July 23, 2014, 05:39:20 pm
BBC: Porn 'Click-fraud' Used in Fake MH17 Facebook Tributes


          As with other such tragedies, the aftermath of the downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17 has provided heartless scammers with an opportunity to make money off of personal misfortune, in the process inflicting even more horror on the families of the victims of the criminal act perpetrated on July 17. It is being reported by the BBC, The Sydney Morning Herald and others that a number of fake tribute pages on Facebook have sprung up that make money for their creators through a "click fraud" scheme in which visitors to pages dedicated to victims of the downing are, according to SMH, "hit with a series of pop-up ads for online gambling, get-rich-quick schemes, and other dubious products and services."

          In response to complaints, Facebook says it is deleting the pages as fast as it is informed of their existence, adding, "We encourage people to block those responsible and report suspicious behavior to our team of experts via our reporting buttons so that we can quickly take the appropriate action."

          Facebook is not the only social media platform abused for such purposes, notes the BBC. "On Friday 18 July," it reported, "security firm TrendMicro reported that it had detected tweets pretending to be about MH17, but which also bore spam links.

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Post by: Xbiz on July 25, 2014, 06:11:26 pm
Russian Authorities Vow to 'Protect Student Campuses From Internet Porn'

     Moscow City Hall is planning to equip all the city’s universities and campuses with free Wi-Fi, with a damper of a catch — filters will be applied to strain out all pornographic material.

     According to “Russia Today,” officials plan to provide free Wi-Fi to 143 campuses that house about 85,000 students, in addition to all Moscow state-run institutes and universities. The project will cost about 705 million rubles, which is equivalent to $20 million.

      If you’ve been keeping up with Russia’s ongoing conservative legislation curbing freedom of expression — including bans on the use of profanity on all media platforms and the inclusion of Moscow’s coat of arms in adult or profane scenarios — the announcement will come as no surprise.

      In addition to an explicit exclusion of porn, providers will also be required to prohibit access to P2P protocols used by torrent sharing programs and protocols used in online games, and any data that “denies family values and justifies unlawful behavior.”

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Post by: Xbiz on July 28, 2014, 05:36:47 pm
China Reportedly Takes Aim at Smartphone Porn Apps


Smartphones made in China are so ubiquitous that in 2012 CNET actually published an article with the headline, "Are Any Smartphones Not Made in China?"

The government's concern over smartphone content reflects the deep penetration the devices have made among China's citizens. As BI notes, "China has the world's biggest online population, with 632 million Internet users, and the majority—83 percent as of the end of June—use smartphones to access the web."

The campaign to target mobile apps was announced Tuesday by officials at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), who said the campaign "will encourage companies to remove the offensive material themselves," but will also "enhance abilities to discover pornographic and obscene apps" and "improve the process of punishment."

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Post by: Xbiz on July 30, 2014, 03:04:46 pm
London to Get 5G Mobile Internet by 2020


London Mayor Boris Johnson has announced plans to bring 5G mobile Internet to the city by 2020.

Johnson's 5G intentions will be unveiled on Wednesday when he announces his Infrastructure Plan 2050, according to reports.

The next-generation data network at 5Gbps would improve current 4G mobile mobile Internet speeds by up to 250 times, making it possible for Londoners to download a two-hour video in less than a second.

“London is earning a reputation for being the tech capital of Europe and that is why we need to ensure every Londoner is able to access the very best digital connectivity," said Johnson speaking at the CeBIT 2014 trade fair in Hanover. "Rapidly improving the connectivity of this great city is a key part of the infrastructure plan for London.” 

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Post by: Xbiz on August 20, 2014, 06:12:55 pm
Chinese Man Gets 13 Years for Blackmailing Officials Over Porn

According to The Telegraph, "A blackmailer from southwest China has been jailed for 13 years for attempting to swindle Communist Party officials out of hundreds of thousands of pounds, using little more than a cheap desktop computer and a collection of pornography."

The crime itself was simplicity defined. "Using a Chinese Lenovo computer," the paper reported, "a copy of Photoshop and a selection of X-rated photographs, he transplanted his victims’ faces onto those of real life porn stars. With a few clicks of Mr Zhang’s mouse, unwitting government officials were transformed into copulating protagonists in blush-inducing scenes of sexual depravity. Other victims were pictured gambling, a crime in Mainland China."

One would think such a ruse would never work, but incredibly, The Telegraph reports that "two victims paid 200,000 Yuan (£19,560) to hush up orgies in which they had played no part."

Zhang was certainly not the first person to engage in this sort of extortion. "China’s fetish for fake sex photographs hit the headlines in 2013 when a small town in central China was unmasked as a hotbed for their production," said the paper.

Eventually, however, he was caught when a mayor he was trying to blackmail went to the police rather than pay up for something he had not done. Zhang was reportedly captured last year on Christmas day.

It's unclear if his punishment will act as a deterrent to others, but the fake porn problem has been getting so bad that last year officials actually changed banners reading “Long live Chairman Mao”  to ones that read, “Let’s work together to launch a ‘people’s war’ against blackmailers using Photoshop on sex photos!”

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Euro Porn Star Arrested for Shooting Movie in Austrian Church


         Priest Bernhard Pauer reported to Austrian police that he had evidence that an adult movie had been shot in his church without his knowledge—and he found out about it because one of his parishioners, while "surfing the internet," just stumbled across a clip from the movie and recognized the locale as the church he attended when not surfing the internet—and definitely not surfing it for porn; nosiree!

          It's unclear whether the unwary surfer found just the clip or also some photos from the shoot—but later, during an investigation, three videos turned up online depicting the woman "jilling off" while holding a Bible and a rosary. In any case, photos of the woman's breasts (pictured), none of which showed her face, were supplied to police, which in turn supplied them to local media, asking that anyone with information about the woman contact police immediately, since she would be charged with "offending religious feeling" and "desecration of a church"—two "crimes" that some here in the U.S. would dearly love to enact in the American criminal justice system.

           But lo and behold, yet another Austrian citizen, who likely was also just "surfing the internet," told police that he recognized the woman in the photos—actually, he said he specifically recognized her breasts—as a porn star by the name of Babsi, a 24-year-old resident of Hoersching who had moved there from Poland when she was a youngster. She's described on the Internet Adult Film Database as being German, and has acted under several names including Cherie. She's appeared in several movies for German producer Magma, and also had a role in Evil Angel's top-rated 2007 film, Fashionistas Safado: Berlin.

"We have identified a suspect. She has already been questioned and has made a full confession," said police spokesman David Furtnerteich.

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FameDollars Takes on ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


On behalf of Famedollars, Director of Product and Development Magalie Rheault has stepped up to the challenge and taken the chill, in turn calling out industry big timers Rocco Siffredi, Joanna Angel and John Stagliano to the challenge.

"My name is Mag and I am doing the ALS Ice Bucket challenge to support a good cause, I am challenging my good friends and partners Rocco Siffredi, Joanna Angel and John Stagliano for the next 48 hours," Rheault says in the video.

Affecting approximately two out of 100,000 people aged 18 and older, ALS, better known as Lou Gehrig's disease, attacks the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, eventually leading to complete paralysis though still rendering the mind sharp.

The rules are simple. Within 24-48 hours of the challenge, the participants are to video themselves to announce their acceptance and nominations of the next round of challengers. The participant is expected to donate $10 if they pour the ice water on them and donate $100 if they prefer not to be soaked.

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Mom Calls Cops on Porn-Watching Son


A 40-year-old woman summoned authorities after discovering her 15-year-old son had been viewing pornography on the family’s television.

            The mother now disputes the original reports, saying she called the county sheriff’s office but not solely because her son was watching porn.

         Originally reported by The Smoking Gun, the incident allegedly began when the mother, a married real estate agent, arrived at her home with her two-year-old daughter and a client in tow. The 15-year-old alleged perpetrator was in his bedroom when his baby sister turned on the living room TV. According to police reports, the mother, the little girl, and the client got an eyeful of explicit adult content.

           The story generated international attention. Mother told The [Spartanburg, S.C.] Post and Courier pornography was not the issue. Instead, she wanted official documentation about her son’s increasingly delinquent behavior. According to the mom, the boy talks back, steals, and doesn’t listen to his parents in addition to watching pornography.

             Since the story broke in news outlets including the Huffington Post, the London Daily Mail, the New York Daily News and UPI, the mother said she has received “hateful” emails, thanks to several media running a photo they obtained from her Facebook page.

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Production Moratorium Called by FSC After Positive HIV Test


Free Speech Coalition (FSC) called for a production moratorium today after one of the testing facilities in its PASS testing system reported a possible positive HIV test for an adult performer.

There was a positive test at one of our testing centers," said FSC CEO Diane Duke. "Confirmatory tests are not yet back but we are taking every precaution to protect performers and to determine if there's been any threat to the performer pool.

"We take the health of our performers very seriously and felt that it was better to err on the side of caution while we determine whether anyone else may have been exposed," she added.

The next steps will be to perform additional tests, determine a timeline and identify any first generation partners.

"We want to make sure all performers are protected. The performers' health and safety is the most important thing," Duke said.

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Wankcoin: Crypto-Currency for Adult


Created and managed in Canada, Wankcoin is meant to provide adult content consumers with virtual funds they can spend online safely, securely and above all anonymously.

Greg Kazarian is a member of the Wankcoin team. He earned a degree in business sdministration with a concentration in accounting and has been an accountant for more than 10 years.

YNOT: Why did you develop a crypto-currency specifically for the adult industry?

Greg Kazarian: The market seems to be evolving in favor of crypto-currencies — and very rapidly for the adult industry in particular — because of the stigma towards the industry, especially with billing. Cryptos are secure, anonymous and easy to accept.

With the growing acceptance and success of bitcoin, coupled with multiple problems facing both consumers and providers of adult entertainment, we felt that a crypto-currency was the perfect solution.

In most areas involving billing through credit cards, the adult industry is often shunned or forced out. Not only that, but there are privacy and security concerns, as well. People who want to buy adult material or tip cam models are often reluctant to do so for fear of being caught by their significant others when credit card statements roll in.

There’s also the potential security risk of giving out credit card numbers. Even big-box retailers like Target have failed to keep credit card information safe. Recurring credit card charges are easy to forget and are an area of contention for some.

How does Wankcoin work?

It uses a peer-to-peer network to securely process and validate transactions via the SHA-256 algorithm — the same algorithm used by bitcoin.

How many Wankcoins are in circulation today, and what are they worth?

As of the first week in August, 2,452,550 were in circulation with a market cap of $143,749.

Wankcoin’s goal isn't to have a huge market cap — although that would be nice — or to make the creators and other individuals rich like the other alternative currencies. Rather, Wankcoin’s goal is to provide a long-term, easy and private method of payment to the industry.

Other than its intended use, what makes Wankcoin different from bitcoin?

While Wankcoin and bitcoin share some of the same technical specs, we’ve had to make some adjustments along the way — most notably implementing DigiShield, which enables per-block difficulty adjustments.

Are adult sites embracing Wankcoin?

There are many sites accepting Wankcoin, and we are more than happy with how the coin is doing so far, as far as acceptance goes. is the newest site to accept the coin, allowing surfers to buy tokens with Wankcoin to tip live cam models. and are amongst the more than 200 adult content and cam sites accepting the currency, and the adult toy site also accepts Wankcoin. As well, Zeagra Tablets, a generic Viagra, may be purchased with Wankcoin.

So, as you can see, in a short time Wankcoin can already be used to purchase a range of products.

Does accepting Wankcoin boost sales?

We think it is safe to say that Wankcoins can help to boost sales. As mentioned before, Wankcoin is an anonymous and secure method of payment with no risk of forgotten rebills. It alleviates that concern for consumers.

On top of that, added benefits to adult site operators include next to no fees compared to credit card processing, which can be 6 percent and up. In addition, there is no consumer personal information to collect and protect, no risk of chargebacks and no risk of losing your processor.

What assurances can you offer to site operators that their Wankcoins won’t suffer bitcoin-like security issues?

Wankcoin benefits from the experiences bitcoin has already gone through. Because Wankcoin uses the same technology, the same measures that have been put in place to help better secure the bitcoin network also help to better secure the Wankcoin network.

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Chromecast for Adult


This USB plugin about the size of a flash drive, Chromecast allows users to stream content from a variety of devices straight to their television screens.

With that in mind, Webmaster Central has integrated Chromecast compatibility into its content leasing platform. Effective Sept. 1, Webmaster Central clients will be able to add another tool to their customer-attraction and -retention arsenals.

“We’ve seen a lot of studies which indicate consumers want choice and convenience from the online services they use,” said Webmaster Central founder and Chief Executive Officer AndyA. “Chromecast has been picking up a lot of users recently, so we decided to do the integration work for our entire content platform so our clients don’t have to do it themselves.”

Mainstream content platforms like Netflix, HBO GO and Watch ESPN already make use of Chromecast. AndyA said he believes Webmaster Central is the first leased content platform for adult to provide compatibility.

“Luckily we’re finishing up this sweet new feature just in time for the big [European] shows in September,” he said. “We’ll be looking to show it off in Amsterdam and Prague” added AndyA

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Post by: Xbiz on September 05, 2014, 06:22:44 pm, Domains Ordered Transferred


          The domain names and have been ordered transferred to the parent company of mainstream social networking site, which claimed that the adult-oriented sites infringe on its own operations.

           PinSex. com and, operated by Barcelona-based Pin Digital SL, both have been titans in driving traffic, registering 48.8 million and 3.4 million visits, respectively, since their inceptions. was registered in 2008 and operational in 2012; was registered in 2011 and operational in 2013.

           San Francisco-based Pinterest is a gorilla when it comes to its numbers, reportedly driving more traffic to publishers than, and combined. The company started in 2010, and has trademarked its brand in numerous countries, most recently in the U.S. just this year.

           All three of the sites —, PinSex. com and — operate on a similar concept: The sites are driven by a pin-up board content management system allowing users to drag and drop favorite items, creating their own unique collection.

           But last week WIPO arbitrator Alfred Meijboom rejected Pin Digital's arguments that it should keep the PinSex. com and domain names, saying that the sites had the “look and feel” of Pinterest.

           Meijboom  also dismissed Pin Digital's contention that that the word “pin” is a generic term with various meanings, such as “a device used for fastening objects or material together.”

         "The panel cannot agree with the respondent's argument that many websites have a similar look and feel as none of the examples shown by the respondent show the same amount of similarity as the respondent's websites," Meijboom wrote in his ruling. "For that reason it seems apparent that the respondent acquired the disputed domain names because it was familiar with the complainant, the complainant's website and the complainant's use of the term 'pin' when it acquired the disputed domain names.

     "Not only do we believe this is deeply unfair and are in complete disagreement with the decision for reasons that are obvious that it is impossible for Pinterest to have ownership of a common law term as 'pin' as is the case herein, we are in discussions with our lawyers about the next best course of action to take," Thorn told XBIZ.

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             MindGeek Tubes Join 'Internet Slowdown' to Support Net Neutrality


            A Pornhub spokesperson posted to Reddit yesterday to announce that three adult porn sites owned by MindGeek—Pornhub, YouPorn and RedTube—will take part in next week's "Internet Slowdown" to protest plans by cable companies to "gut net neutrality and slow your internet to a crawl."

            In a Reddit post submitted Thursday, Kate from Pornhub wrote, "We're in. Let's make some waves! We'll be displaying an official widget from We won't be shutting down or streaming your porn slower. There will be a big in your face message that users will need to close. We hope to reach around 50 million people on Sept 10th. See for more information and how you can take action." There are well over 600 replies as of Friday late morning.

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NBC News Producer Popped for Posting Sex with GF to Tube Site


           We don't really know if this guy is an official millennial at the tender age of 30, but we kind of think he's in the age group that should know better than to post secretly recorded sex with live-in girlfriends (or boyfriends) to a tube site.

           Yes, Carlo Dellaverson should have known better and should have been better, but maybe, despite his apparent tech chops, he assumed that no one actually watches porn on tube sites like XTube, which is where he uploaded the couple's Valentine's Day lovemaking he had secretly recorded with a camera hidden in the apartment they shared.

          He might actually have gotten away with it, but according to the NY Post, "The woman discovered the video on the accused perv’s home computer several months later on Sept. 4 — and promptly dumped Dellaverson and moved out of the love nest."

         She did more than that. "She later emailed the University of Richmond grad asking him why he posted the video for the world to see—and he confirmed in his reply that he had put the steamy footage online," reported the Post. "The victim filed a police report and Dellaverson was arrested at his home Tuesday morning and charged with disseminating unlawful surveillance and harassment."

        In addition to criminal sanctions he faces, Dellaverson may also be looking for a new job. NBC News replied to a request for comment by Politico, telling the site, "We are taking the matter very seriously, and will determine the appropriate course of action once we have learned the facts.

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Mobile Security Firm Releases New Porn Filter for Android


                   A Silicon Valley based mobile security firm called Trustlook is promoting the fact that its latest web security solution also comes with "integrated porn filtering for Android. When users surf a porn sites, Trustlook Antivirus will notify users of its potential risk or content violation based on the set filtering policy."

                 In an announcement issued today, the company states that mobile users want to be informed whether content they are accessing is appropriate or not, and adds, "Unlike computers which have long been under the protection of ICRR (Internet Content Rationing Regulation) and other related systems, mobile users are still exposed to the unfiltered internet environment. Trustlook is now the first mobile security vendor which protects mobile users in this fashion."

                Company CEO Allan Zhang comments, "Unlike traditional mobile security vendors who only protect users from the risks of viruses and malware, we provide mobile content filtering solutions for phishing and adult content.

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220 thousand accounts were temporarily suspended by Vkontakte


         “226 thousand accounts were banned by Vkontakte after the email verification procedure on Gmail, Yandex and services” posted Vkontakte spokesman Georgy Lobushkin in his account.
          “As per our investigation, we’ve detected many accounts which were activated by hacked emails. All these accounts were temporarily suspended to prevent further damage. In order to restore his page user need to confirm that he is indeed the owner and change the password” reported Lobushkin.

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Bing Filtering URL Keyword Stuffing Spam Techniques


 Bing has rolled out a new filtering mechanism that targets a common spam technique known as URL keyword stuffing.

The goal of URL keyword stuffing is to manipulate search engines to give the page a higher rank than it truly deserves.In the past few months it has employed the filter, Bing said that it filtered out an average of approximately one in 10 URLs per impacted query, or about 3 percent of Bing queries overall.

About 5 million sites with 130 million URLs have been impacted with the new policy, resulting in a reduction of more than 75 percent of traffic to those sites from the search engine, Bing said in a blog post last week.

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Adult Search Engine? What a Novel Idea


           Here’s an innovative idea: A search engine that tracks only adult websites. Plain wrapper, no frills… In fact, the product looks much like Google, except without the fancy, ever-changing Google logo.

            According to a statement from the developers, “Boodigo is the first adult-oriented search engine that takes users straight to the online action…with no tracking, registration, cookies or hassle. Unlike mainstream search engines that go out of their way to avoid adult-related results, Boodigo delves only into adult-only content at lightning-fast speed, providing customers with more useful answers to their sex- and porn-related queries.

          “Boodigo’s search algorithm is designed to find real adult sites and give top listings to them,” Rowntree said. “That avoids the problem of going to Google, searching for, say, ‘blowjob,’ and getting the first multiple results pages of Wikipedia articles, women’s magazine how-to guides, etc., before the user can actually find a link to sites that focus on blowjob photos and movies.”

            Rowntree's search engine really may be innovative after all. If surfers embrace the idea, Boodigo may turn out to be exactly what the ethical segment of the industry needs.

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A New Perspective on POV Porn


Call it the ultimate in point-of-view content: The Svakom Gaga vibrator comes equipped with a small camera and light at its tip, allowing users to see where the vibrator is providing pleasure — including inside the vagina.

“The simple-to-use touch controls on the vibrating shaft combine with a USB cable that easily plugs into your laptop, allowing you to simultaneously share your stimulation with your partner whether they are next to you or miles away,” according to the product’s

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Privacy Oriented Search Engine Blocked in China


              China has reportedly started blocking DuckDuckGo, a search engine that protects people's privacy by not tracking their searches, according to CNET, which reported that DuckDuckGo founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg had tweeted the news in response to a media query.

             "DuckDuckGo has seen its popularity grow over the past year," reported CNET. "In 2013, the site picked up more than 1 billion searches, according to blog site Geektime. DuckDuckGo scored a major win when Apple announced that it would add the site as one of the default search options for Safari in iOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite.

              "Weinberg told TechInAsia that he wasn't sure when the block started or why but said that his site was accessible in China earlier during the summer," it continued. "The GreatFire site, which reports on websites and services blocked in China, also shows DuckDuckGo as blocked in the country with an indication that the ban may have started September 3."

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Woman Falsely Accused of Being a Porn Star Awarded $1 Million


A woman falsely identified as a porn star on a Kansas City radio show was awarded $1 million in damages by the U.S. District Court.

Ashley Patton filed the suit against the radio station’s owner, Entercom Kansas City, claiming she experienced mental suffering, shame and humiliation as a result of the mistake. The jury ultimately awarded Patton $250,000 in actual damages and $750,000 in punitive damages, the Kansas City Star reported. 

The incident occurred on a 2012 broadcast of “Afentra’s Big Fat Morning Buzz” on 96.5 The Buzz, hosted by Afentra Bandokoudis, known as “Afentra,” and Daniel Terreros, known as “Danny Boi.”

During the show, the hosts asked listeners if they knew of any local porn stars. After two text messages referencing an Ashley Patton, the hosts Googled her name and turned up pornographic images of a woman with a similar name, Ashley Payton.

Not realizing their mistake, the station posted a list of the names culled during the show on its website along with a link to the podcast.

When Patton complained to the radio station several times, they removed it.

Patton’s lawyer Arthur Benson argued to the court that the station’s employees acted with reckless disregard to the truth and the company needed to be accountable for their actions.       

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Google Reverses Blogger Porn Ban Following 'Ton of Feedback'


Google issued an update on its recent decision to ban sexually explicit content on its Blogger network. The update essentially reverses the most egregious changes to a policy that would, as one consequence, have forced longtime users of the platform to either scrape their blogs of content or become essentially invisible to all but invited guests. But Google is not backing down all the way. Instead, in conceding defeat on its desired plan, it resolves to double-down on what it calls "our existing policy prohibiting commercial porn."

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Bing to Launch Mobile-Friendly Ranking Algorithm


Microsoft’s Bing announced plans to prioritize sites that are optimized to serve up in mobile query results on its search engine.

The company already has begun tagging search results as "mobile-friendly," enabling users to skim through the search results to know the ones that quickly answer their questions, according to Shyam Jayasankar, program manager at Microsoft.

The ranking takes several factors into consideration, such as navigation, readability, scrolling and compatibility.

In the U.S. last year, Bing had roughly 6 percent of the mobile search market, compared with Google's 83 percent, according to figures from StatCounter.

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Czech Teacher Fired After Students Find Her Porn Debut Online


The unnamed teacher, who supposedly traveled from her home town of Ceska Lipa to the country's capital of Prague for a "casting call," wound up doing a 40-minute sex scene with an equally unidentified male after sitting for a gonzo-style interview where viewers learned that she's a mother of two who's separated from her husband and is really into physical fitness.

But of course, almost no one is anonymous on the internet, and certainly not people who do Web sex scenes and hope nobody they know will see them ('cause they almost inevitably will be seen), and this teacher's students either got off on or had a good laugh at her expense—until one student's parent busted her son looking at it and blew the teacher's cover to the head teacher, who promptly fired her.

"I do not want to judge the teacher because I do not know why she did it, but it is not all right when 15-year-old children see it and gossip about it," the parent told Czech news site IDNES. "She had intercourse with a complete stranger for money in front of camera and that is not in accordance with the educational role which should be offered by teachers."
Once the performance hit the fan, however, the teacher was ready with her excuses.

"I was looking for an extra job and I found some advertisement looking for toned figures for a photo shooting," she said. "I thought it was for underwear. I think they drugged me with cocaine. I am sure that something was there. My behavior was changing and I felt very relaxed and comfortable.

"I would not be able to do something like this in normal circumstances," she added.

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PornHub launches ‘sexploration’ crowdfunding campaign to make a smutty movie in space


PornHub, the adult video website that you’ve probably never even heard of let alone visited (right?), has launched a crowdfunding project to make a sex tape in space.

The company is looking to raise an ambitious $3.4 million on Indiegogo to get its plan off the ground and is promising ‘out of this world’ rewards – none of which include actually going into space. If the campaign reaches its goal, the shoot should blast off sometime late next year.

If what you really want is a copy of the resulting video, then the cheapest tier to get that is $25. For $500, you can get a shout out that will appear on the bloopers reel, or for $1,000 you can have a chat on the phone with either of the ‘stars’ in the movie.

The most expensive pledge is $150,000 and will net you one of the two space suits used in the shoot.

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Sex Tape Costs 50 Cent $5 Million, Jurors Decide


The bill will be $5 million for rapper 50 Cent.

That’s what jurors figured today in a civil suit against the rapper by a Florida woman who says he humiliated her by posting a sex tape of her online.

Lavonia Leviston, according to the New York Post, broke down in tears after a jury returned a verdict against 50 Cent — $2.5 million in damages for violating her civil rights for using her image without her permission and $2.5 million for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Leviston's lawyer said that the rapper had used the video as a tool to get publicity and knock on rival rapper Rick Ross, who fathered a daughter with Leviston.

“Jackson doctored the tape of Leviston and a former boyfriend named Maurice Murray by superimposing his own character ‘Pimpin' Curly’ in the video while giving an expletive laced narration,” the Post said. “He also added two of his songs as a soundtrack for the video, which racked up millions of views.”

According to the Post, 50 Cent said in a videotaped deposition that was played for jury that he didn't think he needed Leviston's permission to use the tape because he said she was "cool with it."

The $5 million figure might be just the starting figure in the case. The parties go back to Manhattan Supreme Court next week to learn results of the punitive damages phase.

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Woman, 30, changes name to log in to Facebook


You might change your name as a spy. Or adopt a new moniker to elude the law. But would you change your name for Facebook?

Jemma Rogers did.

The holistic therapist from Lewisham, southeast London, changed her name to match her Facebook pseudonym, Jemmaroid Von Laalaa, after she was locked out of her account, according to the Telegraph.

The 30-year-old created her profile in 2008 under a fake name to avoid unsolicited friend requests. But when Facebook asked for proof of identification to unlock her account last month, Rogers was stuck. The account would remain locked without positive identification.

Rogers emailed Facebook to explain the situation. She begged. She even tried Photoshopping a bank card. But nothing worked.

So Rogers did something drastic — she changed her name by deed poll and ordered a new driver’s license and bank cards.

“I know I’ve been a completely moron, but Facebook are being ridiculous,” Rogers said. “They should be able to tell it’s a genuine account but just under a fake name, I can’t believe I am being punished like this.”

Unfortunately, her new documents were not the key to unlock her account. Since sending them to Facebook, Rogers has only received automated responses promising to “look into” the situation.

“I’ve been locked out of my account for five weeks now and have lost all of my photos, messages and precious memories,” Rogers said.

She lost her name too.

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Infidelity site Ashley Madison hacked as attackers demand total shutdown


Hackers have stolen and leaked personal information from online cheating site Ashley Madison, an international dating site with the tagline: “Life is short. Have an affair.”

The site, which encourages married users to cheat on their spouses and advertises 37 million members, had its data hacked by a group calling itself the Impact Team. At least two other dating sites, Cougar Life and Established Men, also owned by the same parent group, Avid Life Media, have had their data compromised.

The Impact Team claims to have complete access to the company’s database, including not only user records for every single member, but also the financial records of ALM and other proprietary information. For now, the group has released just 40MB of data, including credit card details and several ALM documents.

According to the information security journalist Brian Krebs, who broke the news, ALM has confirmed that the hacked material is genuine, and the company is working to remove from the net the material that has already been posted. But the initial leak is just a taster, according to the Impact Team, which accompanied the data with a manifesto threatening release of further information if Ashley Madison and Established Men are not permanently closed.

“Avid Life Media has been instructed to take Ashley Madison and Established Men offline permanently in all forms, or we will release all customer records, including profiles with all the customers’ secret sexual fantasies and matching credit card transactions, real names and addresses, and employee documents and emails. The other websites may stay online,” the group’s statement reads.

The hackers’ main point of contention is with the fact that Ashley Madison charges users a fee of £15 to carry out a “full delete” of their information if they decide to leave the site. Although users have the option of permanently hiding their profile free of charge, the company’s advertisements claim that the full delete service is the only way to completely remove their information from the servers.

But the hackers say that that claim is “a complete lie”.

“Users almost always pay with credit card; their purchase details are not removed as promised, and include real name and address, which is of course the most important information the users want removed,” they allege.

ALM believes it has identified the perpetrator of the hack, which it says was likely an inside job. “We’re on the doorstep of [confirming] who we believe is the culprit, and unfortunately that may have triggered this mass publication,” the company’s chief executive, Noel Biderman, told Krebs. “I’ve got their profile right in front of me, all their work credentials. It was definitely a person here that was not an employee but certainly had touched our technical services.”

The data dump seems to back-up that theory to a certain extent, specifically apologising to the company’s director of security. “You did everything you could, but nothing you could have done could have stopped this,” the manifesto reads.

In a statement, ALM said: “We apologise for this unprovoked and criminal intrusion into our customers’ information. The current business world has proven to be one in which no company’s online assets are safe from cyber-vandalism, with Avid Life Media being only the latest among many companies to have been attacked, despite investing in the latest privacy and security technologies

“At this time, we have been able to secure our sites, and close the unauthorised access points. We are working with law enforcement agencies, which are investigating this criminal act. Any and all parties responsible for this act of cyber–terrorism will be held responsible.”

Ashley Madison, along with a number of other dating sites, had already been criticised for the lack of care taken over customer information at least once before. In 2012, the online rights campaign group EFF examined eight popular dating sites, and found that just one, Zoosk, carried out simple security precautions such as enabling encrypted connections by default. In the EFF’s study, however, Ashley Madison was explicitly praised for deleting data after users closed their account.

ALM later said it had used the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) to demand the removal of online posts about the incident “as well as all personally identifiable information about our users published online.”

Posts on Twitter which had apparently earlier linked to pages containing hacked material were now bringing up “page not found” results, the Guardian found.
ALM also said it is now offering its full-delete option free to any customer to help them protect their privacy.

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Title: Re: Adult/Dating/Webcam Industry News
Post by: Xbiz on September 18, 2015, 01:05:24 pm
Campaign Against Sex Robots: Yep, It’s a Real Thing


Virtual reality, teledildonics and the like have been big buzzwords in the adult entertainment industry for years. Realistic love dolls have been on the market for some time now: the Roxxxy doll from True Companion and Real Dolls have been on the show floor of many an AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.

But now, an organization wants to put a stop to all of that.

The campaign was launched following the presentation of a paper at Ethicomp 2015, a conference designed to provide a forum to discuss ethical issues around computers. Rather than look at “sex robots”—or love dolls enhanced with electronics and possibly artificial intelligence—as the novelty they are, the campaign lists its concerns as “the development of sex robots further objectifies women and children” and “the development os sex robots will further reduce human empathy that can only be developed by an experience of mutual relationship” among others.

All in all, it’s a pretty fancy way of saying they seem to be scared shitless the robots will take over and completely do away with all human sexual relationships within about 50 years.

Dr. Kathleen Richardson—a senior research fellow in the ethics of robotics at the Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility at DeMontfort University, U.K.—is the driving force behind the campaign.

"Sex robots seem to be a growing focus in the robotics industry and the models that they draw on—how they will look, what roles they would play—are very disturbing indeed," she told the BBC.

We don’t want to dismiss Richardson’s claims as silly, but it’s almost hard not to when some of the concerns listed on the CASR website could just as easily be applied to vibrators and a number of sex toys already in existence.

While we are most likely decades away from love dolls equipped with AI, and it will take even longer for such devices to be priced at a cost for the average person to afford them, that’s not stopping the Campaign Against Sex Robots from asking for a ban on such creations.

While we don’t doubt the need for conversations about ethics and “sex robots” at some point in the future, at this point it seems like the CASR is doing a whole lot of pearl-clutching over how other people might pursue sexual pleasure.

Which reminds us of similar claims about studies on the societal hazards of porn consumption, promoted by the likes of Gail Dines and Morality in Media. Like the CASR's report, they produce hand-wringing and headlines, but ultimately reveal more about the bias of the researchers than the topics they purport to study.

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