Author Topic: Goodbye summer. Autumn is a time of harvest!  (Read 23227 times)

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Goodbye summer. Autumn is a time of harvest!
« on: September 29, 2014, 07:24:54 pm »
Dear partners,

it's nearly the end of September - and it's a right time to harvest. Time of conversion improvement and sales increase. Hurry up and send your traffic to Meendo, don't miss your chance to get a profit!

And new promo will surely help you with that!

We've added 2 new categories to our teasers promo. They are "Video" and "Photo" and they lead to the photo galleries and videos with the maximum amount of user votes. So those videos and photo albums is the most interesting content on Meendo.

The one easy success formula:

High CTR teasers + Interesting content = PROFIT!

You should create a new teasers rotator In order to add new teasers to rotation. Or you can edit settings of the existed one - simply make "Video" and "Photo" categories active.

Don't forget to use banner and landing rotators as well - they are the most effective way to make more money!
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