Author Topic: Report: Data from Apple's 'Private Browsing' Is Actually Saved  (Read 38430 times)


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Report: Data from Apple's 'Private Browsing' Is Actually Saved

      Not really a porn story per se, but for anyone who's ever used Apple's Pivate Browsing function in OS X Safari to surf porn or anything else, assuming that the browsing was in fact... well, private, revelations this week to the contrary serve as a reminder that corporations tend to have their own meanings for words. In this case, Apple's definition of "private" is apparently that something is private if people think its private, even if the data from one's supposedly "private" surfing history is being saved to an "easily accessible" file all along.

On Tuesday, reported that a reader of the site had alerted them to the discovery of a never-before divulged folder. “I was troubleshooting some issues with Safari and opened up /Library/Safari/WebpageIcons.db, and in that file, I was surprised to find all the URLs of sites (stored in plain text) that I and others using my Mac visited in 'private windows' in Safari," wrote Tyler C. "The URLs seem to stay in there basically forever unless you clear out all your browsing data (which defeats the entire purpose of using a 'private window').”

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Re: Report: Data from Apple's 'Private Browsing' Is Actually Saved
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