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Traffic from Twitter
« on: November 28, 2014, 01:47:31 pm »

Hi guys,

I wanna share some useful tips how to get traffic from Twitter ;). As you know there is a lot of information regarding this stuff in the internet. So I’ve decided to combine all these tips in one topic.
So, let’s start  :)

1 Make your Twitter profile interesting

Your profile and your username are the first two things your visitors will see when they visit your Twitter page. If your profile looks boring, trust me people won't bother to read your tweets

2 Know your audience. Pick a niche-targeted username

Growing your traffic always starts with your audience if you want to do it right. Untargeted, uninterested “hits” are a waste of time and resources at worst, and at best just pure vanity. That’s why your username is also very important. You need to pick a username that is targeted at your niche.

3 Site/blog URL in your profile

As per some statistics, nearly 80% of tweeters don't provide an URL in their bio!So, don't forget to include your URL in your profile!

4 Search for Twitter users with similar interests

You might have millions of friends, but more followers are always welcome. That is why you can use the search functions on Twitter and find people with similar interests. Find as many as you can and invite them all.

5 Use Short, Provocative Tweets

A tweet is pretty short in and of itself. Generating compelling content in 140 characters or less can present a good little writing challenge.
Think of your tweet as your article headline. Decide if you were reading a newspaper and you saw that headline, if you would choose to read further. How well you write your tweets will determine how many people visit your website.

6 Tweet regularly

As with all other kinds of media, if you want to keep your audience, you need to feed it regularly.

7 Learn to use a #hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to spread your tweets to various topics. For those who still don’t know what a hashtag is - basically, it’s a word or two behind a # that makes a common discussion subject. You need to include a "#" hash symbol before your keyword to correctly use the hashtag

8 Of course Use @mentions

A mention is how you include Twitter users’ @usernames. They are a way you can send a tweet directly to followers, customers, or anyone on Twitter

9 Retweet Mentioned Blog Content

If someone mentions your blog content on Twitter, retweet their tweet.

10 Use Cool Images

Attach a really cool image in your blog post tweet. Make sure that it relates to your post. Try to find an image that will intrigue your followers, and make them want to find out more by clicking through to your blog post.
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Re: Traffic from Twitter
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Here are some tips on how to get great Twitter resources.