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How to create Landing rotator
« on: October 31, 2014, 04:15:34 pm »
What is Rotator?

Specially developed landing pages/teasers/banners with the slogan-rotation system automatically picks landing page/teasers/banners that suites your traffic best, based on CTR and leads ratio data.

What is the purpose of the rotator?

             ·         automatically picks landing page that suites your traffic best, based on CTR and leads ratio data;

             ·         automatically picks landing page language variants according to the visitor IP

    We recommend:

       - Create your rotators by selecting niche or by selecting particular landing pages;

       - Choose what type of rotation to use (we have 3 different);

       - Besides using a direct link you can use clickunder or popup codes provided;

       - Watch and analyse detailed statistics of each rotator.

How to create new landing rotator:

If you want to create a new landing rotator, go to section  and click “Create new rotator” button

In the “Choose categories” section you can:

                   -       Select categories

                   -       Change Title

                   -       Select rotation type

                   -       Activate promo filters (Hardcore/Soft/Nonadult)

If you need manual landing selection, simply put mark in the “Manual landing selection” checkbox.

When you're done updating your settings, click “Create” button.

There you can find rotator codes for pop-up, clickunder and link

You can view and analyse landing rotator statistics here
Simply choose your subaccount name in the 1st left dropdown menu and click “SHOW” button.

You can ask any questions about landing rotator in this topic   ;)
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